Air Conditioner Installation

Coming home after a long day and having your air conditioning unit completely break down is a nightmare. No one likes waking up in the middle of the night sweating. You want relief from the intolerable heat, but the thought of replacing the air conditioning unit stresses you out. There might even be the temptation to fix it yourself to save a few dollars. You might be successful the first time installing your unit, but really you are hurting your A/C and your wallet. At Cajun Comfort, we will make it our priority to install an air conditioner within your budget. Air conditioning installations require extensive training and our technicians have the skills to complete the job. Get the best air conditioner installation in Norco and New Orleans, LA by calling (504) 304-0021 today!

A/C Units at an Affordable Price

So how does Cajun Comfort ensure you get the best possible air conditioner? That’s easy! We listen and take your specifications very seriously. Want to stick with the traditional split system? Or try a heat pump or ductless unit? Is a unit with features such as Wi-Fi availability and filter notifications something that interests you? Our technicians are happy to go over these options with you, as well as make their own recommendations. Our recommendations are based on certain factors such as your home’s insulation and it’s total square footage. Every detail is important in order to reduce wasted energy and to keep your A/C working. Providing quality products ensures superior A/C installation. For more information on A/C unit types and air conditioner installation in Norco and New Orleans, LA, call (504) 304-0021.

New A/C Installations, Call the Experts!

Cajun Comfort takes pride in finding the perfect unit for our customers. We also take pride in knowing that our technicians will always assemble your air conditioner correctly. By installing a system incorrectly, many things can go wrong. An improperly installed unit can result in damage and energy loss. Worse, you will need to replace the damaged unit, which results in more spending. Picking the best contractor is key and our team members have the training, experience, and necessary tools that will ensure your unit is installed accurately. Take comfort in knowing that we are here to take care of your air conditioning installations. Save money and time on air conditioner installation in Norco and New Orleans, LAby (504) 304-0021 for our expert A/C technicians.