Maintenance Plans


    • Silver Agreement
    • Gold Agreement
    • Platinum Agreement
    • Yearly Investment
    • Monthly Investment
    • 24 Point Inspection
    • No Overtime Rate
    • Pre Season Scheduling
    • Monthly Payment Option
    • Field Service Report
    • Inspect Contactor
    • Clean Coil & Outdoor Unit
    • 24 Point Inspection
    • Inspect All Wiring Connections
    • Inspect Disconnect
    • Priority Service
    • Inspect Thermostat Operation
    • Check Compressor Amps
    • Check Fan Motor Amps
    • Check Capacitor MFD
    • Check Refrigerant Charge
    • Clean Main Drain Pan & Treat
    • Flush Drain Line & Treat
    • Check Blower Wheel
    • Clean Blower
    • Clean Evaporator Coil
    • One Free Diagnostic Call Per Year
    • One Free Minor Parts Replace / Year
    • Discounts On All Repairs
    • 15%
    • 15%
    • 15%

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

    The use of high-performance HVAC equipment can result in considerable energy cost savings according th the Whole Building Design Guide, a program of the National Institute of Building Science. So why not give your equipment the ability to run at peak performance with an Enhanced Energy Savinge Agreement (ESA)

  • Extend Equipment Lifespan

    Equipment that is clogged with dirt and grime has to work much harder to create the same amount of heating or cooling. This leads to early burnout and failure. Don't spend more on premature replacements and frequent component change-outs. Spend the smart money on an Enhanced Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)

  • Decreased Costly Repairs

    Scheduling regular maintenance can greatly reduce the potential for a costly service call down the road by as much as 95%. Although it is impossible to avoid all HVAC repair situations, preventative care can save a lot of money on unanticipated heating and cooling emergincies


Air Cooled Enhanced Generator Service Agreement (EGMP)

    • Within 20 Miles GMP
    • Within 25 Miles GMP
    • Within 40 Miles GMP
    • Yearly Investment
    • Monthly Investment
    • Manuel Start and Stop
    • Simulate Power Outage
    • Load Test With House Load
    • Visual Inspection
    • Check Intake/Exh for Obstructions
    • Check Fault Codes
    • Check oil level and condition
    • 24 Point Inspection
    • Replace Air Filter
    • Replace Spark Plugs
    • Valve Lash Adjustment
    • Verify Voltage
    • Verify Frequency
    • Load Amp Test
    • Adjut Fuel Reguator
    • Adjust Engine Speed
    • Change Oil using Synthetic Oil
    • Replace Oil Filter
    • Discounts On All Repairs
    • 15%
    • 15%
    • 15%