4 Signs You Need Heating Repairs Today

4 Signs You Need Heating Repairs Today

4 Signs Your Home Needs Heating Repairs

Those colder months are coming up, which means its important to have your heater in good shape. If you are unsure if your heater can make it through the winter, there are signs that help homeowners determine if they need heating repairs.

Cool Air Coming Out of Vents

If you turn on your heater and cool air is coming out instead of warm air, that is a problem. Not only are you not getting warm air, but your heater is probably working harder than it should create warm air for your home.

Air Flow Is Low

You are getting warm air from your vents, but you can barely feel it. Although you are getting warm air, you might as well be getting none due to the low air flow. Call an HVAC technician to remedy this problem before your system overheats.

Shuts Off Earlier Than It Should

You turn on your heater when it’s getting a little chilly in your home; right when your home is starting to warm up, the heater turns off. There are a few reasons why this might be happening. One, your heater might be the incorrect size for your home. Two, the air filter might be dirty. Regardless of the problem, call someone immediately.

Higher Energy Bills

If you are using your heater the same amount of time that you usually do and your heating bills are higher than they once were, it might be a problem with the heater. When there is a component in the heater that isn’t in good condition, it can cause the heater to work harder, which results in higher bills.

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