6 Benefits of A Laundry Pro by Aerus

Being able to wash clothes with no soap and still have them be clean sounds like a pipe dream. Well, Aerus has done the impossible by creating Laundry Pro that does just that. Here’s exactly how it works and why you should consider getting one.

Get Better Laundry Results With This Technological Breakthrough

Energy Efficient

By only using cold water to clean clothes, the Laundry Pro by Aerus helps save money on energy and water bills by not having to use hot water to kill germs from dirty clothing.

Cost Effective

Laundry Pro by Aerus uses oxygen, peroxides, and other gases instead of chemical cleaning agents found in detergents to wash away stains and odors from fabrics.

Brighter Clothes

While fabric softeners make clothes softer, they can wear down the fibers faster, causing fabrics to lose color. Washing clothes in cold water and oxygen helps to maintain their brightness.

Innovative Technology

This system was originally designed to be used on the International Space Station. If this can remove grime and odors from clothes in zero gravity, it definitely can here on Earth.

No Maintenance

We’ve all had that dreaded moment when a washing machine has broken down on us and we’ve had to repair it. With the Laundry Pro, a simple glowing blue light lets users know it is functioning.

Good For Sensitive Skin

With the Laundry Pro not having to use fabric softeners and soap, but only water is great for people with sensitive skin.


If you are interested in getting a Laundry Pro by Aerus in Norco and New Orleans, LA, call Cajun Comfort at 985-764-8191 .