Saving Money on Your Energy Bill

Saving money in today’s world is so important. With everything being so expensive, it is easy to see why so many people want to try to save money where they can. One of those places is on your electricity bill. Saving money on your electricity bill doesn’t have to mean that you have to freeze or have a heat stroke in your living room just to save some cash. There are a few simple ways that can get you that extra savings while still remaining semi comfortable inside your home.

Simple Savings

Turn Your Heat Down – When it is cold outside it is tempting to want to jack your heater up inside your home. This is a quick way to get a massive bill. What you can do is set your heater to somewhere between 68 and 70. This may seem cold, but this temperature won’t be too hot and it won’t be freezing. It is nothing a light sweater or blanket won’t fix and you will be saving money keeping your temperature at that.

Turn It Off At Night – When nightime rolls around, turn your heat and air off all together. It is usually cooler at night anyway. If you decide that it is too cold or hot when you are waking up in the morning, get a thermostat that you can set to click on around 4am. That way when you wake up for work, the house is already to the temperature you like and you saved money the rest of the hours that it was turned off.

These are just a few ways that you can save money. If you have a problem or concern with your HVAC system, give Cajun Comfort a call at 985-764-8191 and let us get your home comfortable again.